Fire Associates: Bringing you a hot cup of love from people who care!

The Fire Associates of Santa Clara Valley is a volunteer group that provides canteen and rehab support during major emergency incidents, fire department drills and special events. Fire Associates has been proudly serving all the Fire Agencies of the Santa Clara Valley since 1969.

FASCV is a non-profit, tax deductible organization per Federal tax code, Section 501(c)4.

Fire Associates incident reports and photos can be found on our Facebook page, here!

Affiliated with the International Fire Buffs Associates, Inc., the Fire Associates maintain Several Fire Support Unit canteen vehicles which respond to alarms, supplying rehab support, coffee, cold drinks, etc. to firefighters.

Fire Associates operates under the authorization of the Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs Association. Recognized as a volunteer fire department, Fire Associates vehicles are registered with official exempt license plates. Despite this, they have amber lightbars, not red, and do not respond code 3, with lights and siren. They are equipped with fire-band radios so that they can communicate with the dispatchers for the various communities to which they respond.

Our organization is funded solely by its members and by donations from community supporters. If you would like to donate to FASCV, there are several easy ways available on our new “Donate” page or click this link to use PayPal